canada studio 1 and 2 - they are listening at the moment : musik international /// germany studio 2 - Sie hören im Moment - Musik und Sendungen nach dem Sendeplan

mail-contact : canada and germany / studio-phone : studio 2 - germany - 06271 - 785 2 778


music from ae - radiostation canada


live from ddbradio germany broadcast program


live broadcast from germany


music for alliance-earth from canada




ae-radiostation is providing free licences to other radio stations worldwide in order to organize the networking of people on the planet. We are the future. We are the warriors for a free world and the announcers of truth and reality. We have left the matrix. We are here and we will stay.

We are ae-radiostation.

the earth is our home



ae radio station canada, Nova Scotia, B3H – B3S Halifax - contact us :