canada studio 1 - they are listening at the moment : international music from all over the world

canada studio 2 - is playing right now - music for and by the initiative alliance earth

germany studio 1 - they are listening at the moment the ddbradio broadcast  

mail-contact : ddbradio germany :

studio-phone : studio 1 - germany - 06271 - 785 2 778


music from ae - radiostation canada


live from ddbradio germany


live broadcast from germany


music for alliance-earth from canada

ae-radiostation is providing free licences to other radio stations worldwide in order to organize the networking of people on the planet. We are the future. We are the warriors for a free world and the announcers of truth and reality. We have left the matrix. We are here and we will stay.

We are ae-radiostation.

the earth is our home

the earth our home our lives and our future. We will protect them, like everything that exists and thrives on it. humanity has understood in great detail what it really is and is at this moment with the task to remove the artificial matrix of the elites on this planet. Do not give up. The route is the goal. There is no other goal.



ae-radiostation, created by the people of alliance earth, Nova Scotia, Cougar Road 152, Weymouth Falls, B3H - B3 S Halifax

contact us : - phone : +001 902 173599446